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Shannon Kringen Anti-Fans

People Who Dislike A Certain Kind Of "Art"
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It is not meant to harm anyone. It is not a place where we look kindly upon things like hatespeech (i.e, saying cruel things about Shannon herself; we don't know her personally, and so we cannot and should not judge her, only her art, and only that which is made publically viewable.

Shannon Kringen is a fairly well-known online self-proclaimed "artist" with various public journals and webpages that showcase her art, which includes but is not limited to clothing, body-painting, dancing, writing, talking, photography, and webcam shows (while none of these shows to my knowledge are overtly sexual, some of them may be unsuitable for young children, easily offended people, or people viewing this community from work).

Any person who chooses to make their work public means they're showcasing that art so that people will look at it and critique it. Some people will like that work, some people will not; all artists must accept that some people will like their work, some people will be neutral, and some will not like it. Just like a community for people who all like a certain topic, this community is for people who dislike a certain topic. Ig you look through LJ or just the internet in general, you will find thousands of sites dedicated to disliking certain public figures. One particularly inactive and silly example is torianus, for people who dislike Tori Amos. Shannon is not famous on nearly that sort of level, but she is something of an internet celebrity, and as a public figure, she has opened herself to criticism as well as praise. It is perfectly acceptable by U.S. law to discuss and/or mock a person's art or their public persona -- why do you think there are so many anti-*insert star here* sites?

Again, we don't know Shannon personally, and no one in this community is judging her as a person or should be; if someone does, one of us usually catches it and says something. We are judging only her art, and only the art (and anything else) that she chooses to make public, which is all over the internet. If she wishes people not to view and discuss it, it should be taken down of her own accord. Artists must realize that criticism is part of the job, and to let communities like this one roll off of their backs. We wish no ill will upon Shannon, and though she and her friends have passed presumptuous and incorrect judgment on some of us as people, we have not and do not do that, and luckysafire and I will make sure that this community continues to discuss and dislike Shannon's art and public statements only. As stated before, we have no place to judge anything beyond what she herself shows us.

We do our best here to stay within LiveJournal's rules and U.S. law. PLEASE read the rules before joining/posting/commenting. Failure to comply with any rules will result in warnings or bannings depending on the violation. The maintainers take rule violations VERY seriously, as the rules are terribly easy to follow.


1.) This is a MODERATED community. What that means is, when you go to the userinfo and click "join", it will send a request to luckysafire and sugarpuss, who will then decide whether to let you in or not. (Read: if you give us a tenth of a reason to think you're here under false pretenses, don't even try.) The reason it is a moderated community is because Shannon has come here to be bothersome on more than one occasion under (at least) three different names (posting very long pointless posts repeatedly, being incredibly rude in comments, making threats, etc. -- much of this has been deleted since it clutters the community), and has also had several of her friends do the same, one of whom even went so far as to privately bash Shannon in a conversation with luckysafire in a failed attempt to become a moderator here. Since we don't want to have to deal with that kind of drama, we decided a moderated community was the way to go.

DO NOT post any pictures of Shannon, Shannon's artwork/writing, or any of Shannon's other work here. That is copyright infringement, which is against LJ's TOS and U.S. law. It can get the community shut down, and it can get the poster as well as the maintainer/moderators into trouble. Linking to photos is perfectly fine, since they are public domain, but actually posting the photos/work itself is not okay. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will get a warning and 24 hours to remove the post/comment, then we'll remove it ourselves. If you are caught a second time or actively refuse to remove the post/comment, you will be banned.

3.) Linking to public posts she's made is fine. If for some reason you have access to something friends-only, do not link to it/copy it here. Only public entries, etc. are fair game, and again, only LINKING, not copy/pasting.

4.) Be respectful to the maintainer, moderator, and other members. We will not hesitate to hand out bannings.

5.) NO HATE SPEECH. We're not here to call Shannon a "fucking whore" or the like; we do not know her on that level. Please stick to discussion of Shannon's "art" or other public statements, etc., ONLY. As stated above, we do not know Shannon personally, and therefore have no right to pass judgment on anything about her other than what she willfully puts on display for anyone with an internet connection to see. Violation of this rule can range in consequences from being asked to remove/edit your post all the way up to banning, depending on the severity. It is acceptable to discuss Shannon's appearance, as it is publically visible all over the 'net. However, racist, sexist, anti-gay, etc. speech is not allowed. You will be banned for that kind of behavior.

Here is a list of things that Livejournal does not allow. Please respect and follow them.

1. Content created solely to harass another user. Some people might consider this community to be harassment; however, the actual purpose of the community is to have a place where people sharing a mutual distaste for an artist can discuss that. Harassment is defined as "to irritate or torment persistently, to wear out or exhaust, or to impede and exhaust an enemy by repeated attacks or raids. This means do not go into Shannon's personal journals or her friend's journals or her websites and start shit. That is harassment, which we're not trying to do here. Part of the reason the journal is entirely friends-only is so that Shannon cannot as easily see this community, thus sparing her feelings.)

2. Material that invades the privacy of another user by posting personal information. This means that we cannot give out things like Shannon's telephone number, address, etc. In most cases, using someone's full real name is also considered giving out personal information, but her journals and websites are all listed as Shannon Kringen, so her name has already been given out of her own volition.

3. Material that meets the U.S. legal definition of "indecent". I'm not sure what that legal definition is. However, by U.S. law, what Shannon does is indecent exposure; we're only linking to it.

4. Instructions on how to break the law. Obviously, that shouldn't be a problem here.

5. Child pornography. Another obvious non-issue.

6. Material that infringes on the copyright or patent of an individual or corporation. This is explained above. Never post any actual photos or any other kinds of Shannon's work; only link to it.

7. Unsolicited advertising of any service, goods, or forum (including Livejournal communities). That one I don't quite get, as there are about a thousand communities that advertise "any" service, goods, or forum.

8. Content intended to interfere with another user's use of the site. Well, we obviously can't and aren't trying to keep her from using LJ.

9. Content that incites violence against an individual, race, ethnicity, or orientation. We won't tolerate racism or anti-gay or any other form of hate speech here.

10. Any other material that is a violation of applicable state, federal, or international law.

If you find certain content objectionable, but it is not a violation of the Terms of Service, the Abuse Team will not take action.

If you see any instances of anyone breaking these rules, please alert either myself or luckysafire in case we don't find it for ourselves. You can do this by commenting in our journals or emailing us.


Maintainers: sugarpuss and luckysafire